Role of C ion implantation on structural and optical properties of CeO2 thin films deposited on quartz substrates

  1. Pawan Kumar1,
  2. Zubida Habib2, and
  3. Dar Manzoor3

1 Department of Physics, Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra, Haryana – 136119, India
2Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology, Hazratbal, Srinagar 190006, India
3Physical Chemistry Division, NCL Pune-411008, India

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Science and Engineering Applications 2017, 2, 148–151. doi:10.26705/SAEA.2017.2.3.148-151
Received 17 Nov 2017, Accepted 25 Nov 2017, Published 25 Nov 2017


This investigation reports on effect of C ion implantation on structure and optical properties of CeO2 thin films deposited on quartz substrates by the radio frequency (RF)-sputtering method. X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the face-centered cubic (FCC) structure corresponds to CeO2 . The lattice parameter of C ion implanted CeO2 films was found to decrease compared to that of the pristine CeO2 film. The shift in the peak positions after C ion implantation indicates changed lattice parameters. The observed values of strain are found to be positive and decreasing value of strain after C ion implantation indicates tensile strain in all of the prepared CeO2 films. The Raman spectra further confirm the formation of phase and also indicate the presence of defects in these films. The F2g peak intensity is decreasing with C ion fluence compared with that of the pristine film which is due to defects created after C ion implantation. Uv-Vis spectra shows that energy band gap decreases with C ion implantation which indicates increase in conductivity with C ion implantation in the films.

Keywords: CeO2 , Ion implantation, Band gap.

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