The Research Based Learning (rbl) of Architecture in Some Important Institutions of India

  1. Tahir Abdulrahman Siddiquee 1,
  2. Sonia Chaudhary2
  3. Ahrar Hussain 3
  4. Mohd. Saquib 4

Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Jamianagar, New Delhi 110025

  1. Corresponding author email

Associate Editor: T. Kaur
Science and Engineering Applications 2016, 1, 40–57. doi:10.26705/SAEA.2016.1.17.40-57
Received 07 Sep 2016, Accepted 10 Oct 2016, Published 10 Oct 2016


Research based learning may be considered as group of activities which develop the skills in a learner towards a systematic exploration of a topic, its impact on individuals or society or organization, problems and challenges faced during this quest, finding ways towards resolution of the problem, the benefits of the piece of work done (in the form documents, models, formula, hypothesis etc.), presentation of his findings and suggestions for the furtherance of the work to be carried out by him or others. The understanding of the students doing B.Arch. regarding the significance and impact of research based subjects increased from B. Arch. 1st year to B.Arch. 5th year. The ability of the students doing B.Arch. regarding to overcome the challenges in the research based subjects increased from B. Arch. 1st year to B.Arch. 5th year. The findings revealed that students often involved in the research topics that didn't match their interest and thus they are to be motivated by additional beyond class hours counseling for the novelty and significance of their work. It seems that more teacher taught interaction in discussing the research based subjects is needed.

Keywords: Research Based Learning (RBL), Architecture Curricula, Significance, Challenges

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